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Wrizz is a special enemy that you will fight on a daily base in Guild Hunting but also in the Arcane Labyrinth in the 3rd floor if you choose Hard Mode.

I know that many people struggle and ask how to get a better setup for a higher damage output against Wrizz so I decided to write this guide to cover the mechanics of Wrizz and give you some tips on the heroes that work great against him. Bombs Away — this is his ultimate that will deal massive area damage against all of your heroes and that is able to take out your team.

Molotov — every 9 seconds he will throw this attack at the closest hero of your team and it will burn and deal magical damage over time and also deal some damage when he uses it.

Enrage — this causes Wrizz to deal more and more damage the more damage your team has dealt on him. I also point out some heroes below that work quite well for that stage in the game — some do work great in the early stages of the game while others become really good later in the game but suck in the beginning. If you have them you should use them.

Belinda — available early in AFK Arena she deals amazing damage and buffs. Also her factional advantage over Wrizz as Lightbearer will boost that. She is also an amazing pair with Rosaline who will give her practically double as much energy.

Rosaline — as I said she pairs very well and deals some nice damage herself and also has a factional advantage over Wrizz. Her biggest advantage is that she will stockpile all her energy for your strongest hero and boost the damage even more. Lucius — the best tank to use simply because his shield comes in super handy and will protect your whole team from the Bombs Away ultimate that Wrizz uses four times during the battle.

He will make sure that your whole team will survive the whole time. Nemora or Rowan — the best healer to use in my opinion. They will heal your team up when Wrizz used his splash damage and keep your team alive so they can all deal damage the whole time. I know many feel that they rather want more DPS here but a healer is essential and those are the ones to use.

Baden — an ecellent damage dealer for Wrizz because he will summon more and more phantoms that will boost his damage and deal additional damage. No matter at what point you have him, use him for Wrizz. Grezhul — also one of the tanks to use not only because of his stun. He also has the shield that is very useful and also deals a decent amount of damage that you will highly appreciate against Wrizz.

Mehira — ok, I admit, she is hard to obtain and ascend but if yu got her she will do great work against Wrizz and put out a ton of damage against him paired with great survivability. In the beginning you will not survive the whole timer and your team will very likely die off before the battle ends.

In that time he is excellent and will deal a ton of damage and also use life leech to stay alive. One of the best options you have at this level plus easy to ascend. Silvina — same as Saveas.

Thane — at around Level Thane will become a lot stronger and can become one of your primary damage dealer against Wrizz.

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Athalia — hard to ascend for F2P but in the later stages she will gain more survivability, especially with her Signature Itemand deal a ton of damage too Wrizz.

If you use her Signature Item she will also gain a great damage boost against one enemy, so hitting Wrizz with her is a great option here. Estrilda — at the highest levels Estrilda becomes good enough at tanking to become the primary tank and in addition also buffs your team heavily so the overall damage output will increase a lot. Kaz — In the higher levels you can also use Kaz because her dodge gets soo high that she can survive some bursts easily while dealing some real nice damage herself.

Khasos — despite the fact that he can deal some nice damage he can also buff your entire team and provide life leech for the whole team. If you go into that fight with Wrizz without a healer you want to take him in your team to keep your team alive.

Fawkes — he becomes a beast in the end stages of AFK Arena and very handy against Wrizz as well, especially if you can use him to get the team bonus for the Lightbearers active with him that will boost your whole team.To me, I wish I had known all of them when I first started playing the game.

Bookmark AFK. You also have the community section right in the game, which will help you a lot!

afk arena codes reddit

Check out the latest redemption codes that are available. You will receive free resources. Enter the Wall of Legends section, and you can get free diamonds from there. Enter the Merchants section, and you can get free diamonds and other resources daily from there.

When you get a new hero, go to his portrait page, enter his story, and youll get free diamonds. You need as many friends as possible preferably stronger than youas quickly as possible. You need a guild as quickly as possible. Send and receive hearts to friends as much as possible, as quickly as possible, from the moment you started the game.

In the Store, buy Dust with gold daily, and with Gems, buy elite hero soulstonewhen you have them there. You should not buy anything else from the shop, either with gold or diamonds. You will buy Emblems in the future, but that in the very distant future. In the Barracks, you never buy anything other than Elite hero soulstoneas they are by far the most valuable purchase. Always try to stay withguild coins, because Mythic Gear from Chapter 16 will appear.

You will get there in months, so just wait.

AFK Arena Redemption Codes – All Current Active Codes

In the Challenger Storealways buy Athalia or Ezizh, as they are by far the best purchase to make here. In Noble Tavernyou always only use 2, Diamonds for 10 summonscompared to diamonds for 1 summon, because you get I free summon. Summons with Hearts or any other type of scroll, you can make them just as 1 summon, because it does not benefit you with nothing to do 10 at a time.

Use the Wishlist from the Noble Tavern, and pick the heroes you always need. Each time, you must complete all spaces in all factions, in order to get the maximum potential offered by this system. In this game, at least in the beginning, you do absolutely nothing with Diamonds other than 10x summons, buy elite hero soulstone from the shop, or reset, very rarely and only when needed, heroes which is not preferable.

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Anything beyond that will be just an expense, not a long-term investment. In Noble Tavern, if every 29 summons, while using diamonds alongside with common scrolls, you will not get 1 elite hero, you will get 1 elite hero guaranteed at the 30th summon.

This rule applies in particular to faction scrolls only as well, but does not apply to companion points.Be quick, redeem them to get those delicious rewards and have a better start in the game!

Chest of Wishes contains the following items. Players can pick 1 from them per chest:. New Trick to get Diamonds for Free! Old codes, not working. For the working one, please scroll up to the table above. Each code gives you different rewards as well as has a different expire date.

Here is the list of the latest rewards player get by redeeming the AFK Arena codes provided by us. Players will build a team of five with different factions, classes, and abilities to fight against the darkness. Send your team in the Arcane Labyrinth, compete with other players in PvP Arena or fight wave after wave of monsters in the campaign story.

The drawing style is very cool and unique in its own way, especially the skill and theme in combat. Heroes can summon fire to the phoenix that burns monsters, gathering strength into the big ball of light. Theme changes from old castle to yard and moss, which increases the mystery of the battle and also highlights the heroes and skill effects. The variety of races and skills effect makes the game fun to try finding new and better combinations.

Not like many idle games that focus mainly on Idle part, players can find other ways to invest their time like Guild hunts, climb ranks in the PvP arena or search for a way out in Arcane Labyrinth, which is very challenging.

And the lack of audio variety like each character has only one or two lines only, and the lobby music keeps repeating after switching between tabs and areas. Hopefully, you have found some working AFK Arena codes on this page and have fun with this incredible game! Feel free to comment down below If you have any questions or issues regarding to the redeeming progress. We will do our best to help you! Hey guys.

The pleasure is mine, Thanks for all your works!


I dont think the free gems for Chinese is working anymore. Tried on a new alt account and there were no quests for social media. The codes still works tried it today. I also tried to do the quests in Chinese which worked as it should, perfectly. Is there a site or a group that you can be part of to receive redemption codes as they become available? You can bookmark this page for that!

I had never even thought to try changing languages before for extra diamonds, gg.AFK Arena hack will need according to taste to fans of military online games. It stands out for its picturesque design, interesting plot and painstaking detail.

Your directive finds a large number of main characters, as well as a large number of different missions. For you, he expects to pick up a more functioning subject that he likes and send him into a competition with other characters, how to regulate what investors will be from every place in the map. The presence of a desire, from the most basic, to have access to absolutely all game abilities, for you it is generally necessary only to determine the AFK Arena hacking and enjoy the gameplay.

This version of the video game interacts with phones and tablets, running in the operating concept of Android. With your gadget you need only a little independent memory and which is working on the Internet. In the process of the whole game, he expects you to pump your own hero, with the aim of his subsequent victories in the aggravating competitions. Bring up the upgrade procedure will be able to implement cheats in the AFK Arena.

Any warrior has unique, opportunities that can not always have all the chances to express his brother, including through the improvement. Accessibility to this or another character depends on the degree of fun. In order to initially perform due to a functioning subject you like, use the AFK Arena cheats. With the support of such comrades you will break out in the future with airiness and take the leading deal in the standings.

Numerous investors are seeking to stand out, seeking to bring gaming closer and more likely to achieve great results.

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Special codes will not give virtually any damage to your accessory, but only create gameplay at times more exciting. The fighting will become at times more interesting, if your commander will own a super modern weapon and improved armor. In order to instantly acquire the desired, most investors tend to support hack AFK Arena.

Here you will be able to pick up every favorite outfit, including if the basic modification of fun asks to provide real money for it. In addition, the supplement takes into account the concept of awards, which you will acquire due to effective fights and the implementation of various tasks. Hack AFK Arena can help to get access to them, including if you just started to perform, but previously can not wait to get everything, without exception, and instantly.

From the edge, it is capable of introducing itself, the fact that, with the construction of a torn-down version, the game will lose its own value, however, this is not at all that way. Cheat codes in general only simplify gaming, and, the hero will be selected as a favorite or absent, depending only on you.

In this article are presented not all Cheats Codes. In order to get full access to all Cheats, and to the instructions for them, follow this PAGE get full acces and you will see what you need to do so that you can hack AFK Arena.

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I like this game because it has unique characters and it is very wonderful. I would like to hack its golds and diamonds. Thank you. I like this game because it has a great heroes and there is no energy usage in the game i would like to hack it with tons of gold, diamond and hero xp thank you.

Your email address will not be published. Game features and little about using AFK Arena Cheats In the process of the whole game, he expects you to pump your own hero, with the aim of his subsequent victories in the aggravating competitions.

Secrets, Tips and AFK Arena Hack The fighting will become at times more interesting, if your commander will own a super modern weapon and improved armor. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.So also try them and get amazing rewards…. Furthermore, there is no need for telling about AFK Arena. Everyone knows about AFK Arena. But we love to tell you about AFK Arena. Guys, AFK Arena is a popular game and everyone loves to play this amazing game.

If you want to know more about this game. Then see the mentioned AFK Arena gameplay video at the end of this article…. My lovely friends, here we mentioned all valid and working AFK Arena codes for you. Check them for great rewards….

Guys, when you redeem the mentioned AFK Arena promo code in your game. After that, you are able to receive diamonds and also 20 Elite Hero Soulstones.

AFK Arena Redemption Codes (Complete List)

When you redeem the mentioned AFK Arena promo code. Redeem this AFK Arena promo code as soon as possible. Otherwise, the AFK Arena promo code becomes useless. There is no problem to redeem an AFK Arena promo code. Also, try these mentioned AFK Arena code. Some of the AFKarena codes work or some of them not. So try all of these redemption codes….

Lastly, guys here we tried to add all working and valid codes for you. Hoping that you love this article about AFK Arena codes. Furthermore, also check our other articles for codes and coupons at getcouponcodes. Your email address will not be published.AFK Arena is a trending RPG game in play store which has got more than 1 million downloads till date and it has been developed by Lilith Games, the same developer behind popular games like Rise of Kingdoms and Art of Conquest.

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AFK Arena Promo Code | 2020

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So today we are going to reveal brand new codes for super awesome Roblox Space Magnet Simulator game.

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Log in Privacy Policy Accept.Now get free rewards easily at AFK Arena.

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On this page, you will receive amazing AFK Arena promo codes and cheats here. Here you will get all working AFK Arena promo codes and cheats. Copy the code right now to your clipboard and get all of these awesome rewards.

On the other hand, note one thing that, these five Youtuber promo codes will give you the same rewards. And all of these promo codes are redeemable. Lastly, guys get all updated AKK Arena promo codes and coupons here.

afk arena codes reddit

Visit here, when you need AFK Arena promo codes and easily. Furthermore, also get free rewards with our AFK Arena promo codes and cheats. Always get working Promo codes and cheats….

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afk arena codes reddit

Change your Language to Traditional Chinese the 2nd line. Each quest gives gem 50 Diamonds you can claim them again if you have done this before in another language. Simply click the Follow button then go back to the game. Collecting the Rewards then change back to your previous Language! Tags: afk arena codes afk arena codes afk arena codes november afk arena promo code reddit afk arena redeem code afk arena redemption codes code promo afk arena aout code promo afk arena juillet entrer code promo afk arena promo code for afk arena utiliser code promo afk arena.

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